On this page, we help you with Webroot Download, installation, and activation process via webroot.com/safeIf you are on webroot safe, you are almost safe on this page. Just mention your Webroot Product key in the given box to install and enter the email you use to login with Webroot. Webroot offers you device security protection. Download Webroot antivirus from www.webroot.com/safe and install as given instructions. Therefore, Webroot helps you detect malicious files, suspicious activities and helps you in blocking threats.

webroot safe

Install Webroot.com/safe

Just follow the few simple steps to protect the privacy of your device by installing Webroot.


  1. Go to webroot.com/safe site.
  2. Enter the email that you want to use for Webroot login.
  3. Enter the 20 characters webroot code.
  4. Click next and follow the instructions to complete the Webroot installing process.

How to find and enter the Webroot product key?

  • Webroot product key is 20 alphanumeric characters code that you find at the back of the card if you purchase it from any retailer Store, if you buy it online, you get the key on your registered email that you enter while purchasing.
  • After Locating the key, register your Webroot keycode.
  • Just Enter the Webroot 20 digits key, check the received email, or see the card’s instruction side showing the code like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Once you locate a Key, visit webroot website and enter the code in the given box. If you purchase it from a retail store, you get a CD. Moreover, With the help of A CD, you can install Webroot offline.

Login or create new webroot account

  • We help you in creating a Webroot account and let you know where to proceed and how to login Webroot, check steps below:
  • Open webroot official website.
  • Then choose the option Create Account (if you are a new user) or Log in (for existing users)
  • After that, Fill in the form which required all the mandatory details like Keycode, email, password.
  • If you chose to go with the webroot site, click on my account on the page’s top.
  • Now follow Steps No. 2 and No.3 to Register yourself immediately to verify your Webroot account.
  • After Completing the given steps, Your Webroot secures anywhere downloaded successfully.

Download Webroot.com/safe antivirus protection

  • First, launch the web browser (default or any other).
  • Open official webroot website to download Webroot geek squad.
  • Enter the email address with which you want to login to Webroot and type the 20-digit product key.
  • After that, Click on the Next, then the Webroot download instructions have been sent to your registered email.
  • Check your inbox and Choose your Webroot SecureAnywhere product and the device you are currently using.
  • Now tap on the download option and wait until your webroot application starts downloading.
  • Follow the installation steps to start securing your devices with Webroot antivirus.

Webroot Antivirus Protection Installation Steps

Download Webroot from webroot.com/safe and start setup on different devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. All steps for Webroot antivirus:

For Windows

For Mac

  1. If you buy Webroot from the retail store, therefore, you get a webroot installation CD, double-click on the .exe file, and Start following the steps.
  2. Start downloading the wsainstall.exe file.
  3. A new user screen appears, click yes and continue.
  4. After that, Change the language as preferred, location (if needed), click on “Agree & Install.”
  5. Now Enter the purchased webroot Key code.
  6. Read the Webroot license carefully, click on agree, and Start to follow the steps.
  1. Enter Url www.webroot.com/safe and click on the mac device option.
  2. Start Downloading and double click on the wsamac.dmg file.
  3. Choose the preferred language and location if asked, then enter the Key that you purchased.
  4. Then, Tap on the button “Agree & Installation started” asks to enter the mac administrator name and password.
  5. Search System Privacy under “Security” and allow Full Disk Access.
  6. Click on the right Application, and search Webroot from downloads.
  7. Click check on the box, then choose the Quit option.

For Android

For Ios

  • Download Webroot For Android device or follow the given steps.
  • On Google play store, click and install Webroot Mobile Antivirus Security.
  • Open the app, accept the webroot antivirus security license, and enter the Keycode for installation. 
  • Open the app store on your apple search webroot safe and download the Webroot app.
  • Find Webroot antivirus on your search engine and click to install.
  • After that, Activate the app, and follow instructions to complete the process.

Activate or Renew Webroot.com/safe protection plan

  • Downloaded Webroot security from official link, may not need Keycode for renewing or activation if you missed the Following steps to activate or renew the antivirus.
  • Go to Webroot Account and look for the “Activate” Button and New Product code box appear.
  • After that, Mention the 20-digit code in the given box and enter the used Keycode at webroot.com/safe and then click on Activate.
  • If needed, use Webroot login and follow instructions to complete activation.

How to re-download or re-install Webroot.com/safe ?

If you face any issues and problems while installing your webroot safe security, then un-install the webroot application with the control panel’s help. If you already a webroot user, so you must have the Keycode. Use that Keycode again while reinstalling your webroot application. You also can visit the official website to re-download the setup files. Moreover, Use the malware utility if the problem persists and try the reinstallation process.